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WE provide development, social media marketing and account management

Web Development
Web Development

Creating attractive website upgrading your business, Designing and Content writing. Graphic Designing, eCommerce's website.

Account's And taxes
Account's And taxes

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Our Portfolio

ALL WE Work to build your trust

Web Development
Web Development

All kind of Web sites Creative Information or eCommerce

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Boost your Business with our Marketing team.

Designing and Branding
Designing and Branding

Graphics Designing branding and logo for your Business

Financing and Accounting
Financing and Accounting

Accounting and Financing including returns and all receivable and payables

Tech Tank Management

Our Talented Team

Software Developer, Web Developer, ERP CRM Services, Digital Marketing

Ezatullah Dotani
Ezatullah Dotani CEO

Financial Planning, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Tax Services, Receivables, Payables Inventory management services, Internal / external audit services

Furrukh Haroon
Furrukh Haroon Finance Manager

Social Media Marketer, Admin & Sales Co-Ordinator

Masood Ahmed
Masood Ahmed Sales Manager

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